Wednesday, March 17, 2010

RenderPasses Done Right

Been doing research in Puppet Shaders & Deex Shaders. Trying to use both and turn it into something usable here at cum. m+d for future projects. It is sad that Maya2011 has solved the issue of render passes without shadows for Mia_materials but I can't and don't trust in Autodesk so I guess custom frame buffers might be the way to go.

So far, results is to render both Raw & Level of each pass and when multiplied together will produce the Result. Which also can be rendered directly.

I am using the deeX_Buffers_pass connected to the transform of a "dummy" cube to allow the rendering of the passes into an OpenEXR file at 32bit. Whilst using the DeeX_Mia_material to achieve the Mia_material look and using the script below to quickly swap all Mia_X materials to DeeX_Mia_materials.

As for the Z-depth, setting up a separate pass and attach the z-buffer puppet shader worked out better then using the built in Deex one apparently.

Lastly, by enabling these specific passes in the dummy cube attached to a "deex buffer writer" and following the tutorial written here Classroom, I get a perfect composite with all the control I need, and I get right back to the final result which is awesome. Minus the separate shadow pass which isn't available.

To Convert All Mia_x materials to DeeX_Mia_materials

string $malistes2[] = `ls -type "mia_material" -type "mia_material_x" -type "mia_material_x_passes" `;
string $montruc;
for ($montruc in $malistes2 )
AEdoMiShaderConversion $montruc deeX_mia_material _deex;

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Note to self
For Occlusion Pass -

Mib_fg_occlusion works with cutout opacity.

Maya2010 *i've heard rumors of this problem being solved the standard way on Maya2011