Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Houdini Lesson 01

Picking up Houdini through conducting our own in company curriculum. The goal is to run the gauntlet and learn this shit fast. So here is the first video to help me memorize what I've learnt. 

Nodes learnt 
- Geometry node (Container for geometry)

- Box & Sphere node for creating Geometry

- Attribute VOP (Equipvalent of Maya node editor to gain access to per particle attributes)

- Add node in Attribute VOP (basic sum of inputs)

- Turbulence Noise (Used in the Attribute VOP in conjunction with Add node to provide turbulence)

- Scatter node (To scatter points onto the surface on an existing geometry)

- Transform node (To perform a transform)

-Copy node (To copy a geometry onto each point/particle/vertex depending on source)
       - In the copy node, turn on stamp inputs to activate it. Fill out Variable 1 or 2 or 3 etc etc to                    assign the variable a name to call upon.
       - Fill out the value of that variable with - "fit(rand($PT),0,1,0.02,0.3)"
       - In the transform node, type this into the "Uniform Scale" - "stamp("../copy2","scale",0.5)"
0.5 is the default value 

- Add node (To add curves between each object if you use "By Group" settings inside the node)

- Polywire (Creates a tube based on the curves created the the geometry)

- Group node (To label the result of a bunch of nodes to be used as a group that can be called upon using certain nodes such as the delete node)

- Merge node to combine the results of 2 nodes