Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Scanline for Compositing

Entered a discussion today about Scanline files for .EXR. Definitely, if a file is bucket rendered, it is about 3x-5x slower to be read in nuke. - articles were dated back in 2010 though.

But it seems that vray 2.0 this has been addressed as stated on their website. A compositor told me that compression type and storage type; though both have the word scanline in there as an option are two different things.

Questions - I saw a blog post taken from 3dmax, they do indeed have a compression and storage type setting which indicates my compositing friend is right.

But if so, then where are the correct settings in Maya Vray to have the files output as scanline and unrelated but what is the "Auto data window (multi-channel scanline files only) button for?