Thursday, September 9, 2010

BRDF Type for Vray

My brain fucking hurts. My world is no longer what I remember. I was reading up on material BRDF on Vray trying to get more information. And it is not what I/we remember.

Apparently, this might be the new world order. Say hello.

Blinn= Matte
Phong = Glossy
Ward = Metal

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vray Renderfarm

Change License Settings
Type the IP address of the computer that has the dongle to link to it.

Launch V-Ray license Server
Launch this on the machine that has the dongle so that other machines will link to it and call up the license.

Launch V-Ray render slave
For distributed rendering after clicking on the distributed button in the scene. All machines with this will handle a bucket square.

Distribution machine launches this application.

Distribution machine will also require this to keep track of renders.

All rendering machines will launch this and link the IP address to the appropriate server machine.

Setup a hard-drive for all computers to have complete access. No passwords and usernames.

*Possibility of workgroup, username and password may need to be the same.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zbrush Pipeline

Been testing my Maya 2010 -> Vray 1.5 with Zbrush 4 pipeline. Results haven't been completely stellar but we are getting there. Typing out my solution to remember.

Model a standard polygon model in Maya and maintain quads. If there is a hole in the model. Go to Tool -> Geometry -> Crease

Subdivide once if geometry has triangles to turn model into a 100% quad model. Use this subdivided version as level 1 now if this has been done.

Now -
Tool -> UV Map -> Delete UV
Tool -> UV Map -> AUVTiles

Do you painting and export the lowest level mesh as .obj
Now go to your lowest level of the model and to create the displacement map

Tool -> Displacement Map (use adaptive and smooth UV options on)

Now in photoshop
Edit -> Color Settings -> Gray -> Gray Gamma 2.2
(If done right. The gray value in the background areas of that texture will be kept at 129.)
Image -> Image Rotation -> Flip Canvas Vertical

Now Save the file with options "As a Copy" & check the "ICC Profile: Gray Gamma 2.2"

Links below included a reply from Cgbeige -> this allows you to scale the model and have the displacement maps hold up.