Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Seemingly Unrelated Links

They seem unrelated cause they aren't. Personal good stuff for myself to keep in mind.

White Papers
*This white paper explains how to use the Maya render pass framework. The covered topics include: rendering pipeline efficiency, configuring and customizing render passes, and how to composite render passes. The examples show how to leverage render passes to achieve efficient compositing workflows for common rendering, lighting and look tuning tasks.

Mac Batch Privilege/lock conversion tool.
*I do love apple. Even freeware for it is awesome. Simple rights management conversion tool for locked file systems due to files carried from user to user.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Turn off render - Primary Visibility

Z wrote this. Enjoy. =)

string $things[] = `ls - sl`;

for ($lol in $things){

setAttr ($lol + ".primaryVisibility") 0;


Monday, July 5, 2010

Vray - FlickerFree Steps

Render Settings

Indirect Illumination Tab
GI - On
Primary Bounces - Light Cache
Secondary Bounces - LightCache
Light Cache - Calculation Parameters - Subdivs (range 2000*)
Light Cache - Calculation Parameters - Show Calc. Phase
Light Cache - Mode - Mode - Fly-through

Vray Tab
Image Sampler - Sampler type - Fixed Rate
Lighting - Uncheck Default Lights
GI - Tick Don't render final image

It stats in the tutorial to use screen if the scene is really large but generally world scale is ideal for animation. Based on the size of the samples taken during test renders. We will guess what is ideal sample size.

VRay Common - By Frame ( Set appropriate number. 5-30 frames depending on camera speed)

Irradiance Map
Indirect Illumination - Tick Show Calc Phase (should already be ticked)
Mode - Mode - Multiframe Incremental

Vray Tab
GI - Tick Don't render final image