Tuesday, October 9, 2012

ID Mattes

I keep forgetting which to use for proper render mattes for Vray. There are 4,

Multimatte is the best

- Material Select

Material Select, you drag the material and plug it into the material select element. Named after the material. It only renders the material without anything else.

- Render ID

During render time, all objects get assigned an ID. So when using this...it automatically colours each other. No aliasing and the colors are random. Not the best use.

- Material ID

One has to go to the hypershade and assign the Color ID or Material ID to the shader. Ideally, only use RED, GREEN & BLUE as when using the color selector the color can mix up. To solve this, there is the multimap.

-  Multimatte

Under the shaders color ID there is a material ID. Assign each material a number.

For objects, use apple single object property to selection and then assign an ID number to that object.

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