Monday, December 3, 2012

Zbrush Displacement into Vray without issue?

I've assigned myself a simple personal project to test the displacement from zbrush into maya\ vray. My simple personal project has turned disastrous. Firstly, I can render the geometry as is nor convert it to a vray proxy as it is too big.

I've done everything I can and re-uved the damned thing a dozen times. For some reason I still get holes in my geo. Please help...someone. Thanks!

Sculpted result in Zbrush - divided 7 times so as to avoid jaggedness around letters.

Made three poly groups to maximize UV space during UVmaster UV layout prep.

Low resolution model is 2180. Level 1.

Resulting UV's generated by UV master. Looks decent enough especially the main area (purple).

Brought it to level 5 and deleted lower divisions.
I've tried generating displacement from every other level lower then level 5. Results always have issues either way.

This is the displacement map generated and the settings used on the left. I never used 32bit cause vray spits out an error with .tiff files. I used a curve for better preview for you guys. I did use the get scale and the number was brought over to Maya.

Geometry was selected and activated displacement control and subdivision. Scale Value was copied and pasted into the displacement amount.

The result always has this weird issues! =( I don't understand why. I've redone UVs countless times. The map is 8K. It is almost working except for those damned weird things happening around letters and corners.

I am SO SO close. Please help. Yes there might be other ways to work around the problem but I want to know why this is happening to avoid future issues. Please please help.
Rendered Result

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