Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vray is my jungle.


So further development into the relationship. Been stress testing vray to see if it can handle previous jobs done with MentalRay. Sure seems like Vray plays way friendlier.

The first image was a close up of the tree proxies. There is about 14 trees at 50k polygons each. One tree. Vray was steady as hell.

Second image, if I am not wrong, took 10:32 hours to render but the resolution is 1080HD which is pretty much 2k for the second image, I tried to calculate the number of polygons but my calculator started giving me *to the power of* digits. But its around the range of 6k trees at 50k polygons each.

Lastly, the video clips. Started testing to see if I can have a flicker free solution. Good folks at Cgtalk pointed me in the right direction on this one. Rendering Walk-through animations & more info on the Image Samplers. The final equation was Irradiance Map for primary bounce and Light Cache for secondary bounce. I am very happy right now.

The last clip just had my jaw drop. Bucket rendering over 3 render slaves at a speed of 11min a frame. Sadly, as short as that sounded, 50 frames meant approximately 6 hours.

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