Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Intern will live to see another day

Just recently, we had a 600 frame scene that required an Ambient Occlusion Pass. We used the MentalRay AO Texture and got optimized the frame to a decent 1min per frame. We were all happy and dandy till we found out that during batch renders...this 1min became 6min per frame.

Do a little math and we couldn't finish it in time. It would take way too long. So we called an Intern and gave him sugar money, and he sat down and rendered using a script in a batch of 10 frames. 14 hours later and loads of movies and coffee...the deed was done.

Then I come along this damned script...might have saved him those 14 hours. Might have been 2 hours but hey, he wouldn't have seen 8 movies that night.

Personal Note to self
Maya 2010 - batch render function was attempted and did not work in this case, please try the above .bat file in future.

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