Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Geometry Random Rotation on Particles

How to create particle instancing with random rotation -

1. create object to be instanced
2. create particles using particle tool
3. in particleShape1 node create two PerParticle (Array) Attributes using the "Add Dynamic Attributes" button under general. They are rotChoose (which is a float) & rot (which is a vector).
4. Be sure to create these attributes under PerParticle(Array) under creation in the expression editor. Use "All Data Types".

particleShape1.rotChoose = rand(360); (float)
particleShape1.rot = <<0,particleshape1.rotchoose,0>>; (vector)

particleShape1.rotChoose = rand(360);
particleShape1.rot = <<0,particleshape1.rotchoose,0>>;

5. Then plug the rotChoose into rot under the rotation options -> rotation

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