Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sele*tar Project - Issues and Solutions

Creation of Binary Proxy (Assemblies) for Mental Ray

Rendering of massive scene using MR and Binary Proxies

Creation of Signage above key locations with "Compositing Background" setting on. ( Cinema4d term where the image is displayed like a surface shader in Maya un-affected by light)

Issues with file referencing where the scene file took 30min to open

MR Mia_x material causing weird shadowing effect as if an object was blocking the sun.

Use of MR texture -> ambient occlusion to create quick render of scene with gorgeous results instead of using the built-in AO pass.

Flickering for Paint Effects trees and grass. Could not figure out if the issue came from texture details thus the flickering or FG points thought FG caching was done. Further testing will be conducted to get better at FG caching for effective use during productions especially fly-throughs.

A shot took 6min/frame but only 1min/frame when rendering using Viewfinder instead of Batch Render option.

Project information
3200 frames
768x432 Resolution
Maya 2010 & AfterEffects
Duration 20 Days
Maya 2010

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