Friday, February 26, 2010

Cherry Blossom Drop

Had a project involving cherry blossoms. Couldn't help but do this.
Maya 2010 and Mia_x_passes Materials

Attaching Cherry Blossom Geometry to a Tree with Tree Wind turned on -

Paint Effects Objects UV changes over time and thus will prevent the use of "djRivet" Script.

Solution. Cached out the Geometry of the paint effects tree after conversion to polygons. UV unwrapped object followed by deleting history and then reapplying the geometry cache information.

After this, we used the "spPaint3d" script to paint instances of the CherryBlossom geometry to litter the branches with the flowers.

note to self

- Since we will not be able to edit the geometry as it has been combined, the best way to help randomize the flowers would be to include a shader for each flower petal thus by editing the colors slightly we are able to introduce randomness without touching the geometry.

- I had to separate the paint effects polygon tree and recombine in order to make it a paintable surface for "spPaint3d". Just one of those things ;)

Lastly unhide the PaintEffects Polygon Geo with geometry cache and then select all CherryBlossom instances and then select the tree and execute djRivet.

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