Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Backburner not firing all cylinders!? The humanity!

So here is a link where they mentioned that backburner doesn't use all cores. Dear wen hao, note to self, use these bloody command line codes.

I quote the wise people on CGtalk

"I have gotten in the habit of manually setting the memory and thread usage flags in the job setting for MR jobs with Backburner:

Specify the number of rendering threads.

Enable this option so that Maya automatically calculates the number of threads that should be used to best take advantage of the CPUs (or cores) on your workstation.

Soft limit for the memory used by mental ray (in MB). A soft limit implies that mental ray may actually use more memory than indicated.

Enable this option so that Maya dynamically calculates the memory limit prior to the start of rendering. This feature can be enabled at all times to obtain better performance."


Another point to note while using Backburner. Assign small jobs and if the job fails take note as it tends to render over previous files or jam up the render farm. Furthermore, renderlayers are DANGEROUS so keep it to one render layer per file. And save out a brand new file for each render and then dump those later on.

Backburner 2008.01

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